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Unity Certifications


Unity Certified professionals set the standard for the game development and interactive content industries. Level-up your career by becoming Unity Certified and demonstrate to employers that you have the technical skills and applied knowledge they are looking for. Getting certified could be just the edge you need to stand out from the crowd and get your dream job.


You can make an exam appointment in advance or on the day you wish to test, subject to availability, at ENG DTP & Multimidia, in São Paulo, Brazil. www.eng.com.br, (11) 3816-3000.

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Unity Certified Expert

The only advanced professional certifications for the game industry.

Unity Certified Expert Gameplay Programmer         Unity Certified Expert Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation        Unity Certified Expert Technical Artist: Shading & Effects

  • Gameplay Programmer - Available now
  • Technical Artist: Rigging & Animation - Available in February 2018
  • Technical Artist: Shading & Effects - Available in February 2018

“I'm the hiring manager for Technical Art at Disney Interactive in Northern California, and having a way to evaluate a Technical Artist’s Unity experience is a big plus. These tests can prove that someone understands not just the basics from reading the manuals but also has experience solving specific production issues." —Ken Proudfoot, Principal Technical Artist/VFX Artist, Disney Interactive
“Being certified helps showcase your value to your current and future employers, and it gives them assurance that you know what you're doing. It also feels like a personal award for all the hard work you've done to get to this point.” — Sascha Staes, Lead Engineer at Outplay Entertainment, United Kingdom
Unity Expert certifications are recommended for people who have spent several years in the field and have accrued a variety of advanced, practical application experience, such as experience in a video game development studio, with at least two shipped titles. Learn more at certification.unity3d.com.

Prepare for the Exams

Once you’ve selected the certification that’s right for you, you can prepare by reviewing what’s covered on the test with the Exam Objectives available on our website.

Share your credentials

Once certified, you’ll receive a verifiable digital badge from Acclaim which will be your online credential that you can share. You can add it to an electronic resume submission, embed it on your website or blog, put it in your email footer, or share it on social network such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


To find out more about Unity Certification exams, please review Unity's exam policies and FAQ.
Advance your career with Unity Certifications.



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